Pipped by the Post

Ach. On the back of my musings about shopping for tack online, comes the order I placed to the UK about a month ago. A month? Hang on…

Okay, three weeks since I broke my beloved whip. A postal strike in England prevented the appearance of the new one I had ordered, as well as a new pair of gloves.

Well, they’re all wrong. I had a sneaking suspicion that the whips weren’t going to be right, and I was right: they— plural, I got three— are those long ones, for longeing and possibly… dressage? Maybe. And the gloves are just terrible, made of some class of breathable petroleum-based fabric, that feel like full hand casts. I know they’ll break in, but I just can’t stand ’em.

Back to England with yees! And here’s hoping that the stuff I just ordered from another site works out the way I want them too. Got my leather gloves— thanks to Anne and Leigh for their helpful suggestions— I’ve found a pair that’s a combination of both leather, and those pimply, nubbly palms that I quite like.

And even though I found one, I bought a new whip, and it’s kinda silly, pink and purple woven together on the shaft. Uh, they will match the even sillier half chaps I bought that have neon pink stars marching down the back of my calf. I haven’t had the guts to wear them yet, maybe tomorrow. I just know all the wee girls are going to go bananas.


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