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Okay, I’ll watch the programme after my book launch, which, even though it’s all sorted and there’s nothing to do but show up, is taking up a lot of my time. In an exciting way!

I am also finally getting my authorial website set up, although I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to keep that going, along with everything else…


So I’ve got the DVD of the TV show.

I’m going to watch it, honestly.

On Sunday. And I’ll ‘liveblog’ it, although that’s a bastardisation of the term.

God only knows what kind of hits I’m going to get off of that.

SEE BELOW Yeah, well, okay, so… shut up. Read the rest of this entry »

I am still trying to watch the programme.

My Mac won’t download the required plug-in.

I tried a PC the other night, and after patiently [not much] waiting for it to download to the desktop, it decided that it didn’t want to play it after all.

I had to use an internet place yesterday whilst on the hoof, and forgot in the rush to do other stuff.

So, anyway, I had this idea that I’d ‘live blog’ it, if and when I ever get to see it.

At the moment, this is the best I can do for my readers as far flung as Jules in Australia, Kirsten in Oregon, and Nancy in NYC.

If I ever actually get to see the @*&%$ thing.

Wading through pony campers to get to my kit bag this morning, a young voice ventured to ask:

“Was that you on the telly last night?”

I looked down into a girl’s beaming face; her friend, over her shoulder, blinked, and blushed.

“Uh… uh huh.”

“You were really good!” She smiled, and I… said, ‘Uh. Thanks,’ and thought, well, good, if a kid thinks I was really good, then I must have been, you know, fine.

But: “Did they show me falling off Rinaldo?”

She kind of hunched her shoulders, and still smiling [kindly], said: “Yeah.”

Ack! I banged my head against the wall. She reiterated my goodness, and her friend blushed and nodded, and I ducked out of there, and felt the very cynosure of pony camping eyes.

Saturday should be interesting…

Still haven’t seen it yet. It’s up on RTÉ until 10 September, but sadly, for all my readers off the island of Ireland, it’s not viewable. I’ve asked about getting the clip to upload, but what with copyrights and all… I’d say I’ll keep you posted, but that is, of course, a bit redundant.


Apparently the show will be on the RTÉ website tomorrow, but I’m not sure if my friends overseas wiil be able to see it or not.

When the phone rang kind of earlish [9.38 is early in my world], I sort of knew that maybe something was up.

When I walked into the paper to be greeted with ‘You’re a star!’ I definitely knew that the cat was out of the bag.

Which begs the question: Why allow yourself to be filmed for a television show if you’re going to get all antsy about being on television?!?!

If I sell some books, great; if I get my non-fiction horse memoir sorted, even better.

I’m guessing that my pals at the production company are behind this little bit of exposure. Well, you know, there you go.

And I, in turn, disseminate it further.

Well, it is good material…

So much for keeping a low profile

So much for keeping a low profile

So, the production team asked if I would be willing to have two lessons in a row on the day of the shoot.

And if I’d take Rinaldo for the second one.

That’ll teach me to blog in good time… Read the rest of this entry »

I got a call from a friend of mine who’s a film and television producer. It was great to hear from her, as we haven’t met in a while, and we chatted away, and then Breda got down to business.

She’s producing a series entitled Consuming Passions — and I could already see where this was going. Honestly, I did, and before the word ‘horse’ even bounces its way off of satellites and mobile phone towers, I knew what was next and I began to make a decision about it.

Do I want to talk about horses for a documentary series? Do I want to be on television? How narcissistic am I, anyway?

I’m happy to report, in the aftermath, that I haven’t got a narcissistic bone in my body. Well, okay, maybe I do, but it’s not big, it’s not a femur or an ulna, it’s small, it’s like some class of metatarsal, as tiny as the distal phalanx of the second toe.

But there is an agenda, of course, and perhaps this post does require a subhead: Read the rest of this entry »


Twelve years on from my first ever riding lesson, these posts are still wandering round and round, a figure of eight starting with today, probably, and yesterday, definitely. It’s the antithesis of how I usually do things, but… that’s horses for ya.


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