I love Rebel. He’s a lovely dun colour, and he’s feisty, playful, he kicks up a bit, he lets me know when I’m doing something he doesn’t like, but he’s willing, so willing, and he jumps like a dream. His canter—oh, his canter is just perfect, I’ve never felt so centred in the canter, and during the last one we had, I lost my outside stirrup, but he’s so smooth, I just kept going, and it was great. He’s a challenge because he’s so young, just a wee babby, but someone must think I’m up to it, so it’s all very exciting.

It was only a week ago that I loved Delilah— and I still do, I do, really, and I still love Argo, too, definitely! But I love Rebel now.

Hussy. Ah, well, I’ve always had thing for younger men…